We are under attack, and every day it seems to get worse. We are seeing an unprecedented rise in the number of daily SPAM and virus attacks on our clients’ IT systems and an ever increasing sophistication in the type of virus that is attacking computer systems today. Having a robust Antivirus strategy is key.

Antivirus Software

Last week we saw a new record high of daily attacks with a 25% increase in one day alone, so here are our Top Six Rules to protect your self.

Rule No.1 – If in doubt, ANY doubt – DELETE IT

The simplest most secure way to deal with a potential threat is to SHIFT+DELETE this bypasses the ‘deleted items’ folder and sends it straight to the recycle bin.

Rule No.2 – Do NOT send it to anyone else!

Not even your IT Support Company, all you are doing is propagating the virus. If you must, take a screenshot of the unopened email and send that.

Rule No.3 – Seriously consider your use of the ‘preview pane’.

The viewing an email in the preview pane IS given a ‘critical’ rating by Microsoft.

Rule No.4 – Make absolutely sure that you are effectively protected by using a state-of-the-art Antivirus Solution.

We deploy ESET Endpoint Antivirus in our clients’ facilities, and in most instances they will not even see or know that we have detected and removed a threat.

Rule No.5 – Backup regularly, daily preferably.

There is not a 100% assurance of security, threats are evolving at an exponential rate and it is a constant fight between those that protect and those that threaten, so ensure you backup your system either physically locally or into the cloud.

Rule No.6 – Ensure you have robust ‘Unified Threat Management’ (UTM) this is in fact your first line of defense.

There are three opportunities to get infected:

  1. At the point of entry – through your router / firewall
  2. On the server(s)
  3. On your workstation(s)
UTM defends you at the perimeter, blocking and quarantining threats before they reach your network.  We install and support several [UTM] systems but the product of choice is based on WatchGuard XTM Appliances.
Antivirus software
We should really advocate Rule No.7 which is that you should always call in your IT Support experts, that’s us as you might have guessed. Get in touch if you’d like to speak to us about making sure you are fully protected.


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