Persistent hammering noise from downstairs is affecting my blogging mojo! For the first time in 20 years we’re making some structural changes to the building and are heading down the ‘don’t move, improve’ route.   We have enough space, we just need to adapt it so we can use it better.

Thankfully we’ve only experienced one true office move since the company started in 1983.   Back then Turnkey was a one-man operation with Barry Wood tapping away on a *Superbrain PC in his spare bedroom.   A couple of years and three staff later the business moved to Charing Cross in Glasgow.   We shared offices with a firm of accountants and insolvency practitioners who then became Turnkey customers.   With clients in this sector, Barry soon realised that the insolvency market was crying out for a software system to streamline their work process.   And the rest, as they say, is history (visit the IPS pages to read more about Turnkey’s market leading insolvency software).

The company grew steadily over the next ten years.   Charing Cross proved to be a good business location, but the kudos in having a city centre postcode was offset by the lack of parking spaces and abundance of traffic wardens.   And woe betide anyone who risked parking in the three designated spots that we did have!

This all changed in 1993 when we moved to our own premises, named Thornton Lodge, on the outskirts of East Kilbride.   At this point there were nine of us (plus Darren in London).   By adding a two storey extension to an older building, we had plenty of room and scope to expand in the future.   And to have your own parking space, well, that was just the icing on the cake.   We even volunteered to work over the weekend of the move, unpaid.   How’s that for dedication?   Or was it lack of social life?

Before our signage was put in place, there was some mystery surrounding who we were and what we did.   We had a few visitors wanting to enrol their kids at the new nursery; we had other ‘guests’ looking to check-in at our boutique hotel, and one unfortunate party who thought we were funeral directors!

Twenty years on, Turnkey is well-established in the area and we don’t get many random visitors these days.   The company has grown considerably and we have 33 staff in the UK alone (see some on the Our Team pages).   The majority are still based in Thornton Lodge, so it’s little wonder we have outgrown the original office layout.   The new design will provide more light and enable us to utilise rooms that were previously just for storage (otherwise known as clutter).   The hammering and drilling will undoubtedly be well worth it once the dust, literally, settles.    I just wish the transformation process was a bit easier on the ears.

*To see a real, and still live, Superbrain, visit the Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions Blog ‘Ch Ch Ch Changes’





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Post by Annemarie Thomson

I am the primary contact for IPS sales enquiries and work closely with our support team to deliver a first class solution for insolvency case management.