It’s been an interesting few months for the Scottish economy with the crash in the oil price now being felt in the frontline of oil extraction and by the thousands of businesses which have serviced those companies for so many years.


We have certainly seen and felt the impact in a number of ways. Large projects have been postponed, if not outright cancelled. Others have been scaled back while the businesses involved try to come to terms with the impact of the oil industry downturn and work out if this is the new reality or something to be ridden out in the short to medium term.


Cost scrutiny and cost cutting are at the top of the agenda and we have been working with a number of customers to assist them in reducing costs during these difficult times.


Where once businesses were less focussed on costs than they perhaps should have been, the oil crash has been effective in bringing a new reality to watching the pennies and, just as importantly, looking for efficiencies.


Demand is now high among customers for conversations around issues like document management, KPIs and dashboards, upgrades and… well, what else can you do to make our business more efficient?? Some staff numbers are being reduced and those that remain are finding they must cover more areas, work a bit harder and work a lot smarter.


The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has come at a great time. The strength of the product in areas such as workflow, cues, role tailored screens and integration with Microsoft Office means we have the tools to enhance workplace efficiencies. The underlying development toolset also means that we can modify or add new processes to maximise the solution’s effectiveness.


As the oil industry comes to terms with tough times, our customers have the comfort of a powerful business solution to ease them through the troubled waters.


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Post by Stephen Malloy

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