Can software suppliers be guilty of neglecting their own systems whilst selling enhanced solutions to clients?


Occasionally, yes

Sad but true. But ‘neglect’ is a bit too harsh. It’s more like the old ‘Cobbler’s Children’ scenario. We find perfect solutions for clients, and then don’t apply them within our own workplace, because we are too busy installing them for clients!

In common with our customers, Turnkey Group relies heavily on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for our financial systems. And while NAV is great, it doesn’t do everything – no accounting product does. For this reason a number of NAV-compatible ‘add-ons’ have recently come to the fore. And just like our customers, we rely on the Turnkey NAV team to point us in the right direction.

At the moment we’re rolling out Spindle Professional which integrates with NAV to allow automatic distribution of documents to email addresses, fax numbers, multiple printers and provides archive storage. Clearly, emailing is the cheapest and quickest way to deliver documents. No more postage charges, no more pre-printed stationery and a very simple way to save time and money. And it even improves our green credentials.

We control the document layout using Microsoft Word, and the email invoice looks every bit as professional as the printed letterhead version – all at the push of a button. We’ve just started, so it will be interesting to see if our enthusiasm is maintained!

I’ll keep you posted, in more ways than one, since many of you will be receiving our invoices electronically over the next few months.

Spindle is supplied by Draycir Limited, who will be taking part in the Turnkey 2013 Showcase on Wednesday 30th January.

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Post by Stephen Malloy

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