Starting January, our vibrant new corporate style will be coming through loud and strong.

And what’s more, if you visit us for a coffee, expect it to be served in a branded Turnkey mug, placed on a Turnkey coaster, and delivered by someone wearing a Turnkey polo shirt. There is no escape! If you would like a preview, read my previous post – A New Brand a New Year

Join the Conversation

In the course of our re-branding activities, we have also been working with Iain Murray of Principle Consulting to develop our Social Media strategy. As a result we are now tweeting regularly, firing Follow Friday messages, embracing hashtags and checking the constant activity stream from our Tweetdecks.

Undoubtedly, social media channels are ideal for real time, interactive, contact with a wide audience. Twitter’s home page defines it perfectly – find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organisations you care about. We think Twitter will prove to be an excellent means for us to engage more and share news, and useful info. You will find our Twitter feeds have been included in the new website, so feel free to join the conversation.

And remember, it’s not all work work work with Twitter. You can always check on what’s happening at Turnkey in the quiet of the evening. As comedian Sarah Millican recently commented – “Watching telly with Twitter on is like watching it with your friends without having to Hoover or get plain crisps in…!”

  • Follow Darren White, for IPS-related tweets and news snippets @turnkey_dw
  • For Microsoft Dynamics NAV insights, follow Steve Malloy @turnkey_sm
  • and David Kerr @turnkey_dk
  • Follow Bob Potter, for IT systems-related news @turnkey_bp
  • Follow Annemarie Thomson, for Turnkey Group messages @turnkey_at

Keeping you posted

We are also posting regular blogs on behalf of each of the companies within the Turnkey Group. To read our latest offerings, see our listings below:-

For Turnkey Computer Technology (home to IPS, the UK’s market leading insolvency software) visit Darren White’s blog

On behalf of Turnkey Business Software, read Steve Malloy’s most recent post

Go to Bob’s blog for postings on behalf of Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions

We’re almost there

The countdown to our new website continues with a launch date of early January. Visitors will find quite a difference in style from our previous designs. The site is every bit as functional as before, but has a simpler, more streamlined format. Fast loading and logical navigation ensures visitors can find the content they need easily and quickly. And consistency in design guarantees straightforward transition between company pages. We hope you will agree that it has been worth the wait.

Say Cheese……

The website now also includes some team photos. It will be readily apparent that (disappointingly) there was no airbrushing or ‘Photoshop’ magic involved, but at least you will be able to put a face to a name!

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Post by Annemarie Thomson

I am the primary contact for IPS sales enquiries and work closely with our support team to deliver a first class solution for insolvency case management.