If you are a regular visitor to any of the Turnkey Group web pages, you will no doubt have noticed a change in our appearance. We wanted to modernise our corporate image and we’ve been working with the talented people at The Shine Agency to ensure we get it just right.

More improvements will follow shortly when Phase 2 of the website launches in January

One of the trickier parts of the re-brand exercise was the new strapline (or tagline) discussion. Team Turnkey came up with plenty of suggestions. Amongst them we had the factual ‘trusted by business’ and the inspirational ‘technology to grow your business’. Some others were quite funny, some were quite quirky, and some could have raised a few copyright questions. Anyway, none of us were satisfied that these offerings truly reflected what we do at Turnkey and how we do it.

For a bit of light relief, we checked out a ‘tagline generator’ site, where entering three key words produced a ‘customised’ strapline. We tried The Turnkey Group, which gave us:

  • The Turnkey Group will make you handsome (eh?)
  • The Turnkey Group solves your problems (that’s a bit more like it)
  • The Turnkey Group when nothing else will do (much better!!!)

Then, lo and behold, when we entered Complete Computer Solutions, our original strapline, the online generator came back with:

  • Complete Computer Solutions is everything you need

A surprisingly helpful response! Why change a strapline which perfectly describes what we do? Computer hardware, software and support, all from one source. Complete Computer Solutions – job done.

So, whilst our brand image has had a make-over, our original tagline lives on (albeit in a different font, pantone number, position)

Key Changes…

We are very happy with our new logo, which is a more modern take on our original key symbol. The ‘turned’ computer key image is still there, but in a sharper, brighter format. We have used four colours to represent the four companies within the group structure.

Each company will also be publising a regular blog, and we look forward to hearing what you think

Turnkey Computer Technology (home to IPS, the UK’s market leading insolvency software) Be sure to read Darren’s Blog where the ultimate IPS guru makes some recommendations for technophobes

  • Turnkey Business Software (Scotland’s leading supplier of Microsoft Dynamics NAV) Steve (the most prolific of our bloggers) is lamenting the demise of Computer Shows
  • Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions (computer hardware supply, installation & ongoing support) Visit Bob’s Blog, where his team take a look back at the technology of the 80s and 90s (who remembers 5¼” floppies?)

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